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Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2021,LensCulture Critics' Choice 2021,Photoville FENCE 2020,BigPicture Nature world Photography Competition 2021での受賞をはじめ、国内外で多数受賞。
世界経済フォーラム(ダボス会議),ロンドン自然史博物館、カリフォルニア科学アカデミー、北米11都市、ロシアでの写真展示やNational Geographic web版、ナショナルジオグラフィック誌日本版への掲載など国際的評価を得ている。


Kazuaki Koseki

1977 born in Yamagata, Japan.
His work is devoted to the landscape of Yamagata and Tohoku, Japan. Evoking the five senses through the four seasons, he photographs the world—weaving the mountains, the forests, and the rivers together.

I was born in Yamagata, Japan, to a family that runs a photo studio that takes family photos and portraits.
He has been familiar with photography since he was a child, and now he continues to photograph the nature of Yamagata and Tohoku while continuing to photograph people at the photo studio.
This is because I became familiar with fly fishing from 20s and naturally felt awe.
This is to convey and protect the many problems that I have felt while walking in mountains, forests and rivers, such as "nature that changes due to Global warming" and "environmental problems".
Including the award at Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2021,LensCulture Critics' Choice 2021, BigPicture Nature world Photography Competition 2021,Photoville FENCE 2020, 
He has received numerous awards at home and abroad.
It has received international acclaim, including photo exhibitions in the World Economic Forum Davos,the Natural History Museum in London, the California Academy of Sciences, 11 cities in North America, and Russia, as well as being published in the National Geographic web edition and the Japanese edition of National Geographic magazine.
2022 Published the art book "Forest of Misty Vision" (TOSEI Publishing Co.)

Exhibition Solo
*2022 小関一成写真展「霧幻の水森 -Lake Shirakawa-」  
         【Tokyo】2022.2.18〜3.3 (Tokyo, Roppongi, FUJIFILM SQUARE)
   【Osaka】2022.7.1〜7.14 (Osaka, FUJIFILM PhotoSalon)
   【Yamagata】2022.8.19〜8.25 (Yamagata, Yuusoukan)
     Kazuaki Koseki Exhibition「Forest of Misty Vision -Lake Shirakawa-」(Tokyo, Roppongi, FUJIFILM SQUARE)
*2018 Kazuaki Koseki Photo Exhibition Breath ~ the breath of the earth ~(Tokyo,Kamiyatyo,Cafe Papier)
*2022「World Economic Forum Davos 2022」 (Davos,Switzerland)2022,5.22〜5.26
*2021「WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR」(Nature History Museum,London,UK) 2021.10.15〜2022.6.5
*2021「BigPicture Natural World Photography」(California Academy of Sciences,USA) 2021.10.16〜2022.4.24
*2021「I Wonder if You Can」(Italy, Siena) 2021.10.15〜12.5
*2020 「SECRET POWER OF A TALE」 (Center of Photography “March”,Russia,Yekaterinburg)
  「Summer Fairies」Series Exhibit2020
*Photoville FENCE the 9th edition(America,Atlanta,Atlanta Beltline – Eastside and Westside Trail) 2020-2021
*Photoville FENCE the 9th edition(America,Brooklyn,Brooklyn Bridge Park) 2021
*Photoville FENCE the 9th edition(Canada,Calgary,Olympic Plaza) 2021
*Photoville FENCE the 9th edition(America,Denver,Cherry Creek Park) 2020
*Photoville FENCE the 9th edition(America,Durham,Downtown Durham (located at 102 W. Parrish & Orange St.)) 
*Photoville FENCE the 9th edition(America,Houston,Memorial Park
*Photoville FENCE the 9th edition(America,FMWF Metro (Fargo, Moorhead, West Fargo),Rheault Farm (Fargo), Scheels Soccer Complex (West Fargo), and Minnesota State University Moorhead (Moorhead)) 2020
*Photoville FENCE the 9th edition(America,New Orleans,Lafitte Greenway) 2020-2021
*Photoville FENCE the 9th edition(America,Sarasota,Nathan Benderson Park) 2020-2021
*Photoville FENCE the 9th edition(America,Seattle,Waterfront Seattle) 2021
*Photoville FENCE the 9th edition(America,Winchester,Downtown Winchester) 2021
*PX3 PHOTO PRIZE2018 (Paris,Espace Beaurepaire)
*PX3 PHOTO PRIZE2019 (Paris,Espace Beaurepaire)
*PX3 PHOTO PRIZE2020(Paris,Espace Beaurepaire)
* WPC2018 Winning Work Exhibition (Tokyo,Portrait Gallery)
*TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT 2019 Exhibition(Linz City Hall, Austria)
*TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT 2021 Exhibition(Linz City Hall, Austria)
Art Book 写真集
「Forest of Misty Vision」

Published Book 出版物
*National Geographic Japan,May 2022 issue
*Best of the Best Photographers 2018  (ONEEYELAND)
*Px3 2018 Annual Book
*Px3 2019 Annual Book
*Px3 2020 Annual Book
Published on Media メディア掲載
* LensCulture Exposure Award 2020 Competion Visual Published
* LensCulture Amerging Talent Award 2019 Competion Visual Published
* Tokyo International Foto Awards 2021 Competion Main Visual Published
*National geographic web
『Colorful Travel Photos From Around the World』
『Majestic Mountain Views From Around the World』
*National geographic web日本版
*National geographic webイギリス版
*National geographic webスペイン版
*National geographic webインドネシア版
*National geographic web台湾版
* National Geographic YourShot DailyDozen
*What will you remenber?/Fragmentary Blue
*Thinking About Photography/Photography and Nature June 20th - August 15th
Editorial Work
National Geographic Japan、メトロミニッツ(スターツ出版)、価格.comマガジン、フライロッダーズ(地球丸)、おもちゃのムック(普遊舎),Trout Stage(釣り東北)
Corporate Work
山形県(真山形)、山形アドビューロ、フジドリームエアラインズ、Rio Brewing&Co.
2022*Nature's Best Photography Asia 2021/Highly Honored Landscape
         *International Landscape of the Year 2021 (ILPOTY) TOP202+  
        * PX3 2022 - GOLD Winner Professional - Nature/ Seasons Category
        * IPA 2022 - Honorable Mention Professional/Book,Fine Art
2021 *Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2021/Highly Commended / Wetlands-The Bigger Picture
          *LensCulture Critics' Choice Award 2021 Winner (Critics' Pick/Chris Pichler selected/Nazraeli Press) 
          *BigPicture Natural World Photography Competition Finalist / Landscapes, Waterscapes, and flora Category
          *Siena Creative Photo Awards 2021 Commended /Nature&Landscape

          *TIFA 2021 - GOLD Winner Professional - Nature/ Seasons Category
          *MIFA 2021 - SILVER Winner Professional - Nature/ Seasons Category
          *Smithsonian Magazine /Photo of the day21.Apr,2021
          *Monovisions Photography Awards 2021 Honorable Mention/Nature and Wildlife
        *FAPA(Fine Art Photography Awards) Nominee Professional - Nature
        *FAPA(Fine Art Photography Awards) Nominee Professional - Wildlife/Animals
2020 * Photoville FENCE the 9th edition national winner
        * TIFA 2020 - GOLD Winner Professional - Nature/ Seasons Category
        * MIFA 2020 - GOLD Winner Professional - Nature/ Seasons Category
        * PX3 2020 - Bronze Winner Professional - Nature/ Seasons Category
        * PX3 2020 - Honorable Mention Professional - Nature/tree Category
        * BIFA 2020 - Bronze Winner Professional - Nature/ Trees Category
         * Smithsonian Magazine /Photo of the day/07.Apr,2020
         * Smithsonian Magazine /Photo of the day/05.Sep,2020
         * WPE Awards Silver Prize
       * Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2020  Semi-Finalist
         * Smithsonian Photo Contest 2019 Semi-Finalist
          * FAPA(Fine Art Photography Awards) Nominee Professional - Night Photography
2019  * PX3 2019 - Silver Winner 2nd Prize Professional - Nature/ Seasons Category
          * ONE EYELAND Landscape Photographers 2019 JAPAN RANK#1
          * ONE EYELAND Photography Awards 2018 Bronze
          * Bifa 2019 - Bronze Professional - Nature/ Trees Category
          * IPA 2019 - Honorable Mention Professional - Nature/seasons Category
          * FAPA(Fine Art Photography Awards) Nominee Professional - Landscape
           * 第13回日本写真館賞 白鳥真太郎審査員特別賞
           * 第65回全国展フォトコンテスト第一部入選
2018  * PX3 2018 - Silver Winner Professional - Nature/ Seasons Category
          * PX3 2018 - Bronze Winner Professional - Nature/ Water Category
          * PX3 2018 - Honorable Mention Professional - Nature/tree Category
          * IPA 2018 - Honorable Mention Professional - Nature/trees Category
          * ONeEyeland World’s Top 10 Landscape Photographers 2018 Photo Contest Bronze winner Professional - winter
2017  * WPC2018 Japan representative photographer
          * National geographic Nature Photographer of the Year contest Finalist
           * 第63回全国展フォトコンテスト第一部入選
           * 第11回日本写真館賞第5部 優秀賞
           * 東北六県営業写真コンテスト
             自由作品 銅賞   営業写真 入選
           * 山形県営業写真コンテスト
               自由作品 金賞 営業写真 銅賞